Tuition at Studio Vier

Studio Vier is a school for bass and guitar based in Osnabrück for nearly 20 years.

With qualified teachers we have been training students on their instrument by means of individually adapted methods and didactic materials while informing them about all fields of application to lead them to their own musical success. Thereby, we committed ourselves to the permanent change in musical life.

Our tuition is flexible and always oriented to innovative forms and trends that are taught in an easily understandable manner.

We create our classes according to the learner’s options to achieve the learning objectives in an easy and efficient way. Though the knowledge of notes and tabulators is of advantage, this is not absolutely required for tuition.

If desired we can work on this knowledge while training on the guitar.

We work with the support of video and audio media and make use of the possibilities offered by the internet.

During previous years we have been training and accompanying more and more learners even to the beginning of their studies at a music academy (Hochschule).

Aural training, harmonics and music history are further offers for those who want to successfully meet the challenge of entrance examinations for music academies.

The three main subjects of our school are:

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar.